José Colón, la ética detrás de una cámara


Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain, 13, May, 2015. One patient of Dr. Rettig at the time of trance during healing on the beach Punta Paloma, Tarifa. Jose Colon / Interviu

M.D Octavio Rettig is a medical surgeon graduated from the University of Guadalajara specialized in treating addictions. He has been working for over 15 years with traditional medicinal plants recognized as sacred plants or power plants within mesoamerican cultures.
Dr. Rettig has worked with the Bufo Alvarius medicine for over 7 years, during which he has given over 3,500 sessions. During the last 2 years more than 700 testimonies have been signed from people to whom this experience has helped improve their quality of life in many, and sometimes, unsuspected ways.
The molecule of the Bufo Alvarius medicine, 5-MeO-DMT, exists in the brains of all mammals and in a great variety of plants.

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